Sapphire Screen: The Making Of A Scratch-Proof Smartphone Display

Sapphire Screen: The Making of A Scratch-Proof Smartphone Display

If you followed our coverage from MWC in Barcelona, you might remember a demo by Jeff Nestel-Patt of GT Advanced Technologies, showcasing a smartphone display 2.5 times stronger than Gorilla Glass that was, for all intents and purposes, impervious to scratches. If you missed that video, maybe you caught our article from last week discussing sapphire’s importance to the future of the mobile industry. If you missed both of those, then you’re still in luck – because this piece right here trumps them both.

You see, it turns out that the GT Crystal Systems facility at which much of the aforementioned sapphire is manufactured sits just up the road from Pocketnow’s Boston offices in Salem, MA. So Jeff, being the nice guy that he is, invited us for a visit to get a feel for just how sapphire smartphone displays are made. And since we like science and smartphones, and really like it when those two fields intersect in a way we can photograph, we packed our camera and went for a ride …

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